Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Personal OS reinstall's

well i have done a few OS re-installs namely
XP home and ubuntu 7.10 on the toshiba A120 laptop
XP64bit and vista ultimate 64bit on the main sytem (will be putting FC9 on here as well)

lap top all fine

main system xp fine vista some drive issue's (nothing new there then lol) the x-fi elite pro brake out box not working fully sound but no control, also the catalyst 8.3 driver still isn't working correctly

just two box to sort before i go back work next Tuesday but they aren't to be bad at the moment

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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Persona ATI drivers

going to do some testing with drivers and 3d marks 06 and of course the games i play see what i can get out of the system last time i ran it i got 14007 with 7.6 drivers and no OC with all the games working. i will of course take screen shots and take some notes of whats happening but i cant help thinking that the time for a full reinstall of xp64, fc8 vista ultimate 64 is on the cards while i have a week off :(.

good time to do it i guess and a good time to test before

ill create whole new partition images and do it after i have games up and running might even document it for those reads how havent tried it before

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