Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Frozen keys

slightly older bit of new
"Already generating some discussion in the forums and elsewhere on the web is the recently released paper "Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys" from researchers at Princeton University. The researchers' main finding is that data remains in DRAM for longer than generally expected. Furthermore, this period can be extended significantly by cooling the memory chips in question (a somewhat unsophisticated but effective methodology of achieving this cooling effect being the use of an inverted "canned air" canister!)"
thats not what i whated to disscuss but as you can see i have discovered a video of the process in action

the orginal paper click here

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NEWS Access Data FTK 1 and FTK2

Access Data wrote: The release of FTK 2 has created much more confusion than we had anticipated, so we would like to take a moment to once again clarify a very important point. FTK 2 is not meant to be a replacement for FTK 1 for all customers. While some customers will likely see FTK 2 as a superior solution and make the move, some will no doubt prefer the simplicity and minimal hardware requirements of version 1.

It is for that reason that we are committed to not forcing our customers to choose between the two. Not only does every dongle of FTK 2 ship with a full working copy of FTK 1(both solutions can be utilized at the same time), but we are continuing to support and develop FTK 1. A new version of FTK 1 will be released shortly with some powerful new features, and there will be additional new releases in the future.

We acknowledge there are challenges with FTK 2, such as slow processing, complex installation and GUI response issues. We are very well aware of these issues and diligently working on addressing them as quickly as possible. Over time, as we learn to take greater advantage of the power that a database-driven approach provides, we believe the vast majority of the customer base will transition. However we are not now, nor do we plan to in the future, forcing customers in one direction or the other. There are situations in which a database-driven solution is better and situations in which a memory-based solution is best. Therefore we are enabling you with both, and will allow you to decide when to use each.

We appreciate the continued feedback and support. We know we have not made it the easiest transition and for that we apologize. It is nobody’s fault but our own as the product manufacturer. So Access Data is committed to making FTK 2 easier to use and to providing continued customer support and educational resources for those who are interested in them.

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