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Publications by Arron Martin Zeus-Brown

  1. Social Engineering In A Digital Environment Presentation PPTX

    • British Society of Criminology Conference 2008 9-11/07/08

  2. To Catch a Cyberthief Journal paper

  3. Remote victim support in the digital world: the profiling of computer systems and the attacks   PDF

    • British Society of Criminology Annual Conference 2007, 18-20/09/07

  4. Remote Covert Investigation of FTP for Forensic Purposes,

    • European Academy of Forensic Science Conference, 13-16/09/06

  5. Street crime detection and monitoring methods, can these be transferred to the internet in order to give a set of guide lines for cyber crime investigation, PDF
    •  ECCE2006, 07/09/2006


Internal publications

  1. Internet crime fighting. Internal, 02/042007
  2. Stage 1 group briefing, Internal ,01/09/06
  3. Stage 2 group briefing, Internal ,01/09/06
  4. Remote Covert Investigation of FTP for Forensic Purposes,v2 v1 10/11/06

Current papers


  • Title, Publication, Date

Future Publications by Arron Martin Zeus-Brown

Signature matching

  • Keywords

    • Identification, network, Software

What is wire taping and what is not, when it comes to internet investigation.

  • Keywords

    • Network, Internet, covert, monitoring, Investigation, detection

Internet Server profiling

  • Keywords

    • Profiling, internet, software, ports, internet crime

  • Abstract

    • The internet is vast network of possible victim servers and in the real world lots of work has been done on victim profiling (Victimology), this has been transferred to humans using the internet, however very little work has been done on the internet connected system. If this work is carried out it could aid to the improved security on the internet of system. The goal of this paper would be to establish a profile set for internet servers and other internet connected device This profiling would possibly aid in the predictive response and prevention of crime, thus lowering internet crime rate

Distributed forensics on the internet a world problem

  • Keywords

    • Internet, cyber crime, forensics, legislation, remote examination,

  • Abstract

    • In the current period of technological development  of the internet, the tools to remotely investigate cyber crimes are being developed, however with the internet being a global network what if any problems hold us back

Other work

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