Monday, April 7, 2008

Sleepy day

Not done much today apart from sleep a lot, woke mummy up at 7:30am and she took me downstairs to play with my toys while we watched playhouse disney, had breakfast which was ready brek, yummy! then watch a little more tv but started falling asleep so she put me back in my cot, woke up around dinner time when daddy did too then we had a quick lunch before we took dad to the dentist, by the time we got back i was shattered so back to bed again mummy woke me up to play and we had bath time with my ducks then we read goldilocks and the three bears and i went to sleep, hopefully i'll be full of energy tomorrow as nanna and grandad from scarborough are coming to visit me.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Tonight my teeth we're hurting lots, mummy gave me my bottle and some calpol but it still didn't help so instead i cried and made mummy and daddy watch doctor who with me on the bed while i tried to see who wanted my dummy the most but eventually i let them go and decided to try to get some sleep, plus i have to sleep in their room tonight as my big brother is stopping in my room so i probably won't get much sleep as mummy snores too much and daddy is always moaning about his achy back.

well im nearly eight months old

hi my name is alex and im a new AMZEUS too you can see my dad on his website .

I'm 8 months old in 5days time so i thought id start blogging my life as its getting quite exciting what with 7 teeth and i have just workout how to move around this big place called earth