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This section covers all aspects of My Acamdemic work including Research and papers published


This section covers topics to do with my family and holidays

Hobbies and Interests

This section covers every thing not found in the two main sections

A little bit about my self

I am a self declared geek (I can code in over 20 programming languages) and proud of it, I tend to listen to heavy metal rock music and enjoy going to rock music festivals. I play MMORPGS (Multi Media Online Role Playing Games) such as Dark Age of Camelot. when I was younger I was a Cracker and Phreaker I have however since pass over to the side of the light now.

So you have probably built up a mental image of what I look like, but i am not your average Goth /Mosher or Geek. If I now tell you a little more about me then that might help you build a better picture. I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie I enjoy freefall, freebase jumping, abseiling, rock climbing (both free and assisted), white water rafting/cannoning, cross country trekking, extreme survival camping. I attend my PADI master in qualifications in 2001 and have dived all over the world. these actives have seen me die twice once when I fell after being bitten by a snake while rock climbing and once when I drowned while diving in Corfu due to my dive buddy not checking his gear correctly on a 40 meter dive and then he panicked the rest as the they say is history. I have made good recoveries both times, but with some scars to be proud of :)

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