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Remote covert investigation on the internet

My current project/research looks at forensic investigation of services and protocols on the internet and forms the main part of my PHD. Published work on the subject can be found in the publications section. The initial research project (my MPhil) was part of the Cyber-profiling project headed by Angus Marshal.

Abstract of the project

The project looks at file transfer over the internet in order to address Paedophilia, IP theft/Copy-write and Terrorism issues on the world wide web. the project has developed tools to detect illicit FTP servers set up on compromised system and forensically examine them remotely. the project also looks at real-time traffic monitoring and pattern matching along with many other things. The end concept is to be able to detect transfers as they happen and stop them if they warrant it. the tools set will only be available to law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world.

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Last modified: 08/27/08


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